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Appleton ADA Home Remodeling

If you have experienced a tragic accident, have a physical limitation, or are just getting older, you or your family member will need new ways to adapt your living situation. ADA Remodeling in Appleton WI can be as simple as the addition of a ADA ramp or wheelchair lift up, all the way to a full remodel of your home to accommodate movement throughout. That means fully accessible flat height floors, curbless showers, notched doorways so the lift can slide through, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, widened doors, and so on. We have the experience to help anyone get to their highest possible quality of life after a catastrophic injury or illness.

Our ADA Services include designing, remodeling and retrofitting interior and exterior spaces to ensure ADA accessibility and adapted housing for independent living for those with physical disabilities. We take pride in offering superior workmanship and paying careful attention to detail. Our home renovation professionals will work with you to meet your deadline and budget requirements. Additionally, we always maintain open communications during the course of your project to keep you up to date on its progress.

We offer ADA remodeling in Appleton WI to allow access into and throughout your home for those with physical limitations and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need ADA lifts and remodeling for your entire home - or an ADA compliant bathroom remodel or an ADA compliant kitchen remodel, CP Restoration is ready to work with you to create a more accessible, convenient, and comfortable living experience for everyone in your home.

ADA Remodeling Appleton WI
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ADA Handicap Kitchen Remodeling

ADA Kitchen Remodel Appleton WI

The goal of an ADA accessible kitchen remodel is to create a barrier-free design to give access to all people whether abled or disabled. We can remodel your Appleton kitchen for easy access for anyone with a physical limitation. Kitchen remodels for the disabled require meticulous planning because every inch counts. Appliances and cabinets come in fixed sizes and there may be limited usable space that limit what can be remodeled. Kitchen design has typically been based on the “work triangle” layout where the sink, fridge and stove have a short walking distance between them.

We will remodel your kitchen to have wider walkways and aisles in order to have room for a wheelchair to comfortably get around. Kitchen islands and sinks can be designed specifically to be wheelchair friendly to comfortably prepare and eat meals and will meet the ADA regulated height guidelines. Appliances such as microwave and refrigerator can be lowered for easier access. In addition, all of the hardware on cabinets will be designed to be more easily opened, and drawers are soft close so that no one has to worry about getting anything stuck in them.

As the cost effective leader in an ADA kitchen remodel, CPR offers you the best in kitchen accessibility at an affordable price. Call one of our ADA contractors today at (920) 882-9287.

ADA Handicap Bathroom Remodeling

ADA Bathroom Remodel Appleton WI

One of the places in your Appleton home that poses the most risk to personal safety is the bathroom. From slipping and falling in the shower, to falling while getting up or down from the toilet, to slipping on a wet floor, anyone can get injured in the bathroom; however, the risk is much higher for people with disabilities.

Because of this, that makes a shower safer than a bathtub - and a curbless shower safer than one with a curb, or threshold, to keep water in. The threshold poses too much of a barrier to wheelchairs and walkers, as it is difficult to step or roll over. So removing it becomes the primary change of several ADA accessible bathroom remodels to improve accessibility. Since you won’t have a curb to keep the water in the shower area, we’ll slope the floor toward the drain to capture and direct the water.

CP Restoration can help you with your bathroom remodel to make it fully accessible for those who may only be able to take showers from a sling or lift. That includes fully accessible flat height floors, curbless showers, support bars, raised toilet seats, clearance space under the sink, and increased area width for wheelchairs.

ADA Compliance Contractors in Appleton

You shouldn't have to be restricted by movement in your own home. We are ADA compliance contractors that work in Appleton ADA home remodeling so you and your family can easily navigate and use your home to its fullest. Whether you need ADA accessible remodeling throughout your home or just a specific room such as the kitchen or bathroom, CP Restoration has you covered.