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Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Wisconsin Water & Flood Damage

Water in your basement from flooding, seeping through walls, broken pipe, or sewer backup? We can help! With a combined 81 years of experience handling both large and small water loss issues, we can dry up to 250,000 sq. ft. at a time. We have water removal / drying equipment available in several offices, allowing us to combine resources that a smaller firm can't deliver.

No matter your dwelling - residential, apartments, office, motel, retail, factory, industrial, warehousing, schools and universities, hospitals or health care space, we can remove the water, dry out the area, and restore back to new. We service northeast Wisconsin – Green Bay, Appleton, Steven’s Point, and all areas in-between.

From Clear Water (faucet or supply), to Gray Water (supply/sink overflow, toilet tank) and Black Water (flood or surface water and sewage) losses we've done them all. Each requires specific knowledge, training and experience to deliver the fastest most affordable drying results possible.

Our 3 Dry WI Guarantee

Drying your clear water loss in three days or less can save you big. No more paying for 4, 5 or more days of unnecessary drying charges and then still having to tear out the damage building materials.

Drying Equipment

We use multiple types of Equipment that performs based on differing criteria. We can dry using High Temperature units up to 110 degrees based on the knowledge that Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. This process dramatically reduces drying times which, in turn, saves significantly.

We also use Dessicant drying equipment. This technology is the same as the little packs of silicon put in your shoes, electronics and so on, only on a much larger scale. We also have access to High Temperature Diesel trailer units designed to dry high-volume buildings where a large capacity of drying is necessary. These are used in Office Towers, Hotels, Hospitals, etc. where the demand for large air volume drives the demand for much more drying to be done at once.

For most residential and small commercial drying projects, standard dehumidifiers and typically used. They operate on the same basis as air conditioners, only on a much larger daily capacity than the dehumidifier in an average basement. They operate in a lower standard temperature range as well, much like inside most homes, offices and buildings.


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