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Mold Removal and Clean Up

Wisconsin Mold Remediation

At CPR we provide professional mold removal, clean-up, and remediation services for homes and businesses in northeast Wisconsin - Green Bay, Appleton, Steven's Point. We are Centrists, which means we do not run around instilling fear in our customers over possible ill-effects on you or others. Nor do we gloss over the impact mold can have on your lives and property. We feel our responsibility is to Inform and Educate. In doing so, you as the Consumer can make important decisions based on fact and not hysteria. Understanding what is Truth from fiction.

Using this knowledge, you can see for yourself how you feel it is best to approach the topic that for some years now has been part of a National conversation which originated with overblown claims and misinformation. It is equally important to understand that the effects vary widely from one individual to the next. Knowing that can help you decide the best course of action for your unique dilemma.

Some very basic information to know. Don't use bleach to attempt to eradicate a problem. Doing so may put you or others at much higher risk of spreading the problem to other areas of the building through a process called 'sporulation'. While bleach is an oxidizing agent and may reduce the appearance of mold residue, it is not solving the problem that caused the issue in the first place. That must be corrected first and to do so you have to identify the root cause.

Do call a professional for advice on who to call in for Mold testing and sampling.

Don't ever hire a Company that does their own Post Remediation Verification or "Clearance" Testing. Would you put the Fox in Charge of your Henhouse? It has to be an Independent relationship without any reason for bias in the testing result. This is your best protection.

Do be willing to pay for testing services before and after a project. Many Guarantees are based on it.

Don't believe promises of long term Warranties or Guarantees without knowing fully what they say. It may be a promise of paints performance when it should be an assurance of a clean mold free environment.

Do as much research as you can. Why? Because not everyone is affected the same way.

The same applies to the Company(ies) you are talking too about your project. Have many times if any, have they been sued over Mold? Do they carry the proper Insurance such as Commercial Pollution Liability. Most Business Policies do NOT cover Mold as a result of workmanship issues from a Restoration or Contracting Company. Only Commercial Pollution Liability Coverage does.

We have seen what appear to be very significant problems that have little to no affect on the Buildings occupants. We have also seen what appear to be very minor issues pose significant risk to occupants who have Respiratory issues, or are elderly with diminished immune systems or other illness(es) which depress their own ability to fight infection. Those who have or are predisposed to allergies are at higher risk of adverse reaction than those without. Be especially careful with infants and toddlers whose developing lungs in the first five years of life put them at risk.

There are many factors to consider but in the end you are the best judge of your circumstances. Use common sense. And if all else leaves you wondering, call us. It's what we do.


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