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Remodeling & Construction

Wisconsin Remodeling  & Construction

Many of what start out as Restoration projects evolve into large and sometimes complicated Remodeling, Redesign or Reconstruction projects. There really is no better time to handle these unique requests than while we are already there handling the Water, Fire, Mold or Any Other Loss.

We have years of experience in handling these types of Redesign, Reallocation of Resources and Rebuild of the Properties to suit your modern day needs and wants. It is why so many of our projects involve many different requests for Improvements from our customers and we are glad to accommodate them. We offer complete CAD Design Services and can show you what your project will look like before we ever swing a hammer. We offer complete estimating services for a fee if we end up doing Design and Estimating but someone else is a friend or relative.

Let us show you what years of Satisfied Customers have learned to come back too time and again. It is the reason why so much of our New Business everyday is from our Previous Customers coming back again for the next project or Remodel. 

Serving and Saving WI everyday.


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