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We have Real World Experience in Restaurant and Food Preparation Restoration work. This comes from having handled Restaurant/ Kitchen Fires and Food processing equipment work as well.

In either case the most critical factor is Time. It is absolutely essential to minimize the amount of time that the Facility is down or offline in order to keep the business from losing its loyal Client base. The longer it takes, the more time clients have to make a decision to go somewhere to get what they want. That is disastrous for any business and particularly critical to the business continuity in any Restaurant or Food Preparation business.

You should only work with a Company that understands and executes based upon this very important factor. These losses do demand priority handling.

The ability to maintain and keep valuable employees in a temp status while the rest of the projects gets staged is critical in keeping them employed for the long term and in returning the loss to operating efficiency as quickly and as easily as possible. Such expertise comes from years of experience bourn of training and on the job experience.

For the same reason, a Restauranteur needs to minimize down time, the Restorer adds hours to the normal work day or multiple shifts to a project. The eight hour day can become a ten, twelve or more hour day to meet the needs of returning that restaurant to serving their customers. Doing so may actually allow the down time to limit the loss of customers when the Restaurant does once again open for service to its clients. Find a highly Experienced Restorer for all your Large Loss needs. Ask them if they have real experience in doing Specialty type projects similar to yours. It could be the difference between a large project going well and one that could delay and frustrate for weeks to come or worse.

Call only a Certified Professional Restorer for your Restaurant or Food Prep loss.


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