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Large Loss Uniqueness

The differences between Large Losses and various other types of losses can be startling. For example, a Factory Fire at a plant that uses Heavy Machinery may lose its office operations but sustain moderate damage to the machinery floor itself so all efforts turn toward getting the manufacturing capacity up and running as quickly as possible while you can bring in portable office space, telephone capabilities and utilities, quickly and easily in order to give the outside world the appearance of a company who is highly functional despite the catastrophic loss of it operating facilities. In short order, they can be taking calls, receiving orders, fulfilling orders and the like with the capable skills of a trained and experienced large loss specialist familiar with such activities. Prompt Mitigation work to wipe down that machinery is critical in limiting loss.

This is a unique field which requires a broad spectrum of knowledge that is simply outside the understanding of most Restorers realm of competency. For example, did you know it is critical to a manufacturing concern to be able to keep their specially trained employees but most Business Interruption Policies do Not pay for the salaries or lost wages of the employees during the time it takes to rebuild the facility after the loss? Therefore, it is critical to find a way to utilize them in order to lessen the blow of losing their income shortfalls that being laid off or out of work altogether during the Restoration process. In those instances, a great Restoration firm will use the available personnel pool that are familiar with the machinery, to help to clean and restore it while supplementing their own staff for the needs that the loss thrusts upon them to provide highly skilled workers for this specific type of loss. The Restorer temporarily employs that staff and trains them in the ways of cleaning such equipment so that manufacturing can be ramped up as soon as possible to meet pent up demand of the product which has now been stopped immediately following the loss and in the days thereafter.

The ability to maintain and return those employees to a temp status while the rest of the projects gets staged is critical in keeping them employed for the long term and in returning the loss to operating efficiency as quickly and as easily as possible. Such expertise comes from years of experience bourn of training and on the job experience.

For the same reason, a Restaurateur needs to minimize down time, the Restorer adds hours to the normal work day or multiple shifts to a project. The eight hour day can become a ten, twelve or more hour day to meet the needs of returning that restaurant to serving their customers. Doing so may actually allow the down time to limit the loss of customers when the Restaurant does once again open for service to its clients. Find a highly Experienced Restorer for all your Large Loss needs. Ask them if they have real experience in doing Specialty type projects similar to yours and then call to speak with their clients to verify what you are hearing. It could be that they have experience but not in a positive way or the customer refuses to endorse them for that type of work. It could be the difference between a large project going well and one that could delay and frustrate for weeks to come or worse.

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