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Ozone and its Effects

It was recently reported that someone had “allergies to ozone”. You cannot have allergies per se to Ozone. Ozone chemically neutralizes (bonds with) Carbon molecules. However, someone can have a ‘reaction’ to too much Ozone (O3). That is why we use it sparingly and don’t over-ozonate. Free radical oxygen (off-gassing from O3) is not an issue. It is the O3 itself that is chemically unstable and looking for Carbon to bond to. Humans have a small percentage of Carbon and therefore it does become a Respiratory irritant at a chemical level in the form of neutralizing carbon in lung tissue microscopically.

The recommendation from Ozone Generator Manufacturers is to treat for 24 hours ONLY after thorough cleaning. In the event smoke odor does not come out only treat one more time. If it still doesn’t work it is because the Cleaning Firm didn’t clean it well enough or didn’t subject it to heat again to open its pores when treating with Ozone and relied too heavily on Ozone alone to treat it versus properly cleaning it. Many companies over-ozonate their Contents because it is preferable to return items with that Ozone odor versus the smoke odor. Although in the end, that is not the right course of action. It covers their inadequacies in their cleaning processes but causes more harm than good.

Small amounts of ozone are acceptable in the returned contents so long as it is barely perceptible and therefore occurs in only small quantities. It is said that if you walk into a room and smell it (noticeably) then it is too much. If you have to get up close to it to notice it, it is probably ok. That is a very general rule of thumb and exceptions do apply depending on the material involved.

Finally, ozone is not to be used for any length of time with Rubber, Synthetic Rubber or Latex as it breaks them down chemically. Essentially follow manufacturers recommendations in where, when and how to use it effectively.

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